Blog Studiare Inglese - Spelling Strategies for ESL Students

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Blog studiare inglese - Spelling tips for ESL students
Differences between English and Italian spellings

Mnemonics (tecniche mnemoniche) sono delle tecniche di memorizzazione efficaci. They are simple tricks students can use to help commit spelling words to memory. Associating the spelling of a word (or part of a word) with another word has proven to be a useful learning strategy. Providing students with some existing mnemonic examples will help them understand the concept, but students will be more successful if they create their own mnemonics for the words they have trouble spelling.

Let's look at an example: Secretary contains the word "secret" - Therefore an ESL learner may think of the following mnemonic sentence:

My secretary can't keep a secret.

Meanwhile, I hope you find this 'Spelling Bee' post helpful for improving the accuracy of your spelling.

This English Blog post was researched and written by

Christopher White, Corsi di Inglese a Jesi.