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Great Britain's Classic National Dish of Fish & Chips!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

A traditional red double-decker London bus converted into a mobile Fish & Chip shop
Red double-decker London bus converted into a mobile Fish & Chip shop!

Everything you need to know about the classic culinary delicacy of Fish & Chips!

Italy has its pizzerias and Great Britain has its Fish and Chip shops (also affectionately known as ‘Chippies’). These shops cook and serve fish & chips as a sit-down meal or to be eaten out (takeaway). Traditionally, if you ordered them to take home, your meal usually had an insulating outer wrapper consisting of a couple of pages from an old newspaper, although nowadays this practice is less common due to increased health & hygiene awareness.

If you want to eat Fish and Chips “British style” then be sure to add a sprinkling of salt and malt vinegar. Nothing tastes better than freshly cooked fish ‘n’ chips with salt and vinegar sprinkled on top.

Many fish and chip connoisseurs also enjoy adding a portion of mushy peas or mild curry sauce. Try dipping your chips into the curry sauce. Delicious!

The fish is usually cod or haddock and is deep fried in batter and served with fried potato chips (il pesce è solitamente il merluzzo o l’eglefino fritto in pastella e viene servito con bastoncini di patate fritte).

Now that you’re an expert on fish and chips, here is a realistic Fish & Chip shop dialogue to help you order your very own fish and chips during your next visit to Britain.

You: Good evening!

Fish & Chip shop assistant: Good evening! Yes please?

You: I would like cod (or haddock) and chips please. Oh! And a portion of mushy peas.

Fish & Chip shop assistant: OK. The cod is just frying. It will be ready in a few minutes. That will be £7.90 (seven pounds ninety)

You: Here you are [You give the assistant a ten pound note].

Fish & Chip shop assistant: There’s the salt and vinegar for you on the counter. Help yourself!

You: Thanks!

Fish & Chip shop assistant: Here’s your change – two pounds ten pence.

You : Thanks. They smell delicious. Goodbye!

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