Listening Comprehension for ESL Students on Great British Comedy.

British comedy is world-famous and watching it (or listening to it) is an enjoyable way to practise your English. The following short comedy sketch is the product of the very famous British comedy duo "The Two Ronnies" who were on television during the 1970-80s.

This funny sketch features a shopkeeper and a customer. The comedy is generated by the fact that the customer asks for things which sound similar to other objects, hence the constant "play on words" (gioco di parole). There is much opportunity for repeated misunderstanding and confusion with each of the customer's requests.

In order to help you with the listening comprehension I have prepared a useful list of vocabulary.

fork handles = manici del forcone

four candles = quattro candele

O's = la lettera 'O' in plastica

hose = tubo flessibile

hoes = zappe

pantyhose = collant

(electrical) plug = spina

(bath) plug = tappo

13 amp = ampere

P's = la lettera 'P' in plastica

peas = piselli

pumps = scarpe da tennis

foot pumps = pompe a pedale

washers =rondelle

washers = lavatrici

You’re having me on! = Mi stai prendendo in giro!

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