Pronunciation Difficulties for Italians Learning English

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Buongiorno! Welcome to my latest blog post which focuses on English #pronunciation! Italians wanting to learn English often have particular difficulty with a number of pronunciation sounds in the English language. This post will help you to realise which are the potentially difficult pronunciation sounds!

First example: the pronunciation of the English 'th' sound is particularly problematic for Italians. Therefore if the word 'three' [Italian: tre] is not pronounced correctly then the person listening to you may, instead, hear and understand the word 'tree' [Italian: albero] or ‘free’ [Italian: libero]. This could be potentially embarrassing and is best avoided by dedicating time to improving your pronunciation!

Here is a second example: be careful when thanking somebody in English, since “thanks” will sound like “tanks” (carri armati) if the English 'th' sound is incorrectly pronounced! Have fun practising your English!

pronunciation difficulties for italians learning english the english th sound thirty-three tree free